Of course, we were also interested in how the business environment in Dubai develops, especially now when both energy and non-energy economy have been showing improvement. Dubai’s non-oil private sector economy in June has even recorded the fastest output growth in three years amid a sharp increase in new orders.

It has been more than 6 months since opening the office of Golden Brokers in Dubai. How would you describe the period? How has the office and your business developed since then?

 The last 6 months have been great for us, we have rooted firmly and created a good clientele from the UAE. The business has developed as per our projections, and we do expect to expand our office to other parts of the UAE and the Middle East in general in the near future.

What are the current business priorities of your team in Dubai?

With the robust clients’ portfolio we have we prioritized to focus on client-specific needs at the moment. Trading styles and expectations of clients vary region from region. As of now, we use both CRM tools and direct individual relations with clients to understand perfectly their up-to-date needs in order to serve even better in the dynamic environment of online trading.

Has the business environment, especially in the sphere of investments and trading, been changing anyhow?

The business environment has definitely changed for the good, at least when it comes to CFD trading. The geopolitical situation between Russia and Ukraine have kept the energy markets very active. Many of our clients in the UAE have heavily invested and traded in Oil, Natural Gas, and other energy stocks such as Shell or BP.

What are the most important milestones and/ or events that you are awaiting till the end of this year in Dubai?

Our office in Dubai wants to follow up by its long-term and deep expertise collected in Golden Brokers and further apply it in the Gulf region to the benefit of our customers. We plan to run some trading related workshops and to educate more people about CFD trading, its opportunities and risks. Further, we plan to expand our physical presence in other parts of the United Arab Emirates and also in other Gulf regions.