Since our last interview with Shadiq Zameen, the top representative of one of the major investment companies, Golden Brokers, focusing on dynamic Asian markets, the world’s economy developed further. We have discussed macroeconomic situation reflected in securities trading, game-changing factors as well as varying interests of traders in CFDs. Shadiq

What are the most distinctive developments, related to investing, that Golden Brokers sees in the world economy now?

We have observed a continued high level of inflation in many parts of the world, which has created challenges for investors. Additionally, there are concerns about the overall economic growth. However, we have also witnessed disruptive phenomena such as the emergence of GPT Chat and metaverse projects, which are reshaping the traditional order.

Is trading in oil and gas still a windfall, like in 2022, or has the market with commodities-based securities changed?

The market for commodities-based securities, including oil and gas, has experienced some changes since 2022. The ongoing geopolitical situation, particularly the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, has kept the energy markets highly active. As a result, trading in oil and gas has remained lucrative for investors.

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