Important Levels to Watch for:

- Resistance line of 1.18603 and 1.18920.

- Support line of 1.17580  and 1.17264.

Commentary/ Reason:

- The euro gains to hit a new one-month high and held at $1.1846 on Wednesday.

- EUR/USD climbed to a 1-month high on dollar weakness along with an unexpected increase in German producer prices data overnight.

- Dollar expected to edged lower and weighted on the advancement of the pair movement as investors regain hope about the prospects for a pre-election U.S. stimulus package and as coronavirus cases continue to spike in Europe.




Important Levels to Watch for:

- Resistance line of 0.91131 and 0.91364.

- Support line of 0.90377 and 0.90144.

Commentary/ Reason:

- The dollar was last at 0.9062 against the Swiss franc.

- Overnight, the dollar recorded a 1-month low of 0.90547 on late trading day.

- Broader confidence was dented as investors grew cautious about prospects of a stimulus deal in Washington.




Important Levels to Watch for:

- Resistance line of 1.29919 and 1.30190.

- Support line of 1.29041 and 1.28770.

Commentary/ Reason:

- The pound rose 0.24% at $1.2979 against the dollar.

- The U.S. and Britain expressed optimism about the prospects of a trade deal on Tuesday as they launched the latest round of talks focused on goods and tariffs.

- EU and Britain struggled to make progress on a trade deal to avoid a fast-approaching disruptive finale to the five-year drama of Britain’s departure from the EU.

- Brexit trade talks are likely to continue at least into next week if the U.K. and EU fail to reach an agreement.